Shangri-La Home Owner's Association Website


Financial Information

Here you will find links to the password protected financial records of the association.

A copy of our 2017 Master Insurance Certificate can be found here:

Master Policy

You can request a Certificate of Insurance by following the instructions on the following link:

Certificate of Insurance.

We have a copy of our Balance Sheet that you can look over. Of course, as always, with a minimum of notice, all owners are free to look over all the fine details of our financial records.

Balance Sheet

This is the link for our current Approved Budget for Fiscal Year 2017:

2017 Budget

Here are the links for the 2015 Mitigation Reports, by building.
Jade Drive: Even numbered two story townhomes:
8586 - 8598 Jade Drive.
Jade Drive: Odd numbered single story villas, there are two.
Southern Building: 8577 - 8587 Jade Drive. (Closest to the mail boxes.)

Northern Building: 8589 - 8599 Jade Drive. (Closest to Southgate Blvd.)
Cherry Blossom Lane:
Even Numbers: 8500 - 8510 Cherry Blossom Lane.

Odd Numbers: 8501 - 8515 Cherry Blossom Lane.
Lychee Drive: 8586 - 8598 Lychee Drive.