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Floor Plans

About the Units in Shangri-La at Woodmont:

The floor plan links below will open as PDF documents for each of the floor plans located in Shangri-La at Woodmont.

There are four floor plans, but eight layouts as each floor plan also has a mirror image.

The floor plans shown for Villa A and Townhouse C are located at the end of the buildings and these are accurate for the far LEFT units. The far RIGHT unit is the mirror image of the unit shown in the plan. The villas are all one story, the town homes are two stories. The end units of the villa buildings all have three bedrooms while all of the town homes have three bedrooms.

The interior villas are all two bedroom, two bath homes.

Other than end units, and one of the interior town home units, all other homes "share" a sidewalk entrance. Town homes that share a sidewalk have more space between front doors. This can be seen on the image on our home page.

Eighteen of the twenty six villas are interior units with 2 bedrooms. Eight of the villas (ONLY the end units) have three bedrooms.

As stated above, ALL of the town homes are two story homes with three bedrooms. There are twenty six villas and fourteen town homes in Shangri-La.

Floor Plans:

Villa A
Villa B
Townhouse C
Townhouse D