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Shangri-La Pool

Rules, In General:

The rules are clear, and all parties holding keys, signed the rules for the pool, so there is no excuse for young folks being in the pool area without the proper adult supervision. Breaking this rule can have the effect of being banned from the pool for a full year. Any further entrance to the pool area would become finable to the home owner, or a potential litigation action against those who continually violate the rules.

When you use the pool, notice that things are neat and clean, please make certain that when you leave, that you clean everything up.

There is no diving or jumping in the pool, noise should be kept to a minimum. The rules must be followed at all times. There are never any glass or dangerous items allowed in the pool area. Food is not allowed in the pool area, but if you must bring food into the area, make sure that you clean up any mess FULLY - or we must enforce the rule of no food at all.

Smoking at the pool is also prohibited. There are no ashtrays at the pool, and you are not to bring one with you. If you must smoke, you must leave the pool area to do so.

Make sure that your guests follow our rules.

The rules for the pool are in place to protect our investment in the pool area, and for the safety and well being of those who use it. Those using the pool area must do so in a polite and neighborly fashion as not to intrude on the residents who live around the pool.

We have spent a lot of money in getting the pool back in great shape, we must all work to keep it that way! Report ANY and all violations or improper usage of the pool to the Board of Directors immediately.