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Suspicious Persons / Activities:

Continue to monitor suspicious persons and activities in the neighborhood. Shangri-La is a "Dead End" community, meaning that if a car is entering our community, it ought to know where it is going before it entered our location.

Ray Hayden has camera equipment, and if he is available, he will gladly take photo's of such suspicious vehicles. One example was a white Ford Taurus that was seen parking in Guest Parking on Lychee drive for a number of days. Ray took a photo of the cars tags and posted that under their front windshield with a notice that they would be towed. The car ended up being students from the nearby high school and since the photo notice was placed on their vehicle, they have not returned.

Cars that enter the community and pull into a guest spot with the engine running are EXTREMELY suspicious. It is not recommended that you approach a suspicious vehicle or person, but if you have the opportunity to jot down the make and model of the vehicle, along with a tag number, that can be used to assist us in "keeping our community free of trash".

To report suspicious people or activity, dial 911.

BSO Non-Emergency Number has changed, it is now: (954) 764-4357 (HELP).