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For Your Information:

Each of the following violations will cause fines to be assessed against the homeowner:

  • Litter has to be one of the most unsightly things one can see in a community. It is an eyesore when we see it on a major roadway, but having it laying around any area of Shangri-La is unacceptable, especially if it is caused by homeowner negligence. Please secure your garbage and recycling in appropriate containers and keep your garbage cans out of plain view - except on trash pick up days.

  • Parking violations are a constant nuisance to our community. We strive to be friendly and cooperative taking special needs into consideration as situations arise, but the HOA cannot tolerate homeowners or their guests constantly parking outside of the designated parking areas. Please note the only designated parking areas at Shangri-La are driveways and guest parking.

  • Responsible pet ownership According to our docs, pets must be leashed whenever they are outside of their home and any droppings must be picked up by the person walking them immediately. We live in very close quarters, so as a courtesy to those around you who may be frightened of a loose pet or who do not want to see, smell or step on droppings, please abide by our docs.

  • Speeding is a hazard to the people, pets and property of our community. The posted and legal speed limit at Shangri-la is 15 miles per hour. Anyone who exceeds this speed limit is subject to be fined by BSO and accountability if anyone is harmed or anything is damaged as a result of his or her reckless behavior.